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Episode 57 – NFL Week 2 Recap: The Good the Bad and the Undefeated

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57.jpgRecorded Sep 19, 2017. Skip and Josh recap week two of the NFL season. Which 0-2 team is in the most trouble? Can the Saints, Chargers, Bengals or Colts still salvage their seasons?  What was the most surprising result this week and which undefeated teams are for real? What’s up with the attendance in L.A.? Is NFL football still an entertaining product on the field or do people watch solely because of gambling? Is there even one decent game to watch in week three? Also Josh goes to a Jays game and the guys are counting down to the one year anniversary of the podcast.

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About the Show

While this show may be fairly new to you, in reality it has been going on for a very long time.  There have been so many epic debates and conversations over the past twenty five years that at one point we realized that we should be recording our conversations because we had way more to say than most of the sports commentators you see and hear on mainstream TV and radio. This is really a show about how sports affects us.

We will both tell you that one of us is right and the other one is wrong, but the truth is we often agree.

We do this show because we love talking sports. We don’t make any money doing this but if you want to pay us, there’s a good chance we will take your cash.

We have attended countless sporting events together from Montreal Expos games at Olympic Stadium to Duke Blue Devil basketball games during March Madness. We have been teammates and roommates, and one thing is for certain when we are in a car together if a song comes on the radio, at least one of us will be able tell you the title and artist.

Hope you enjoy our show,

Skip and Josh