Episode 13 – The Wayne Gretzky of People I Don’t Like


a5e4a9ec4b24937ae92c12d6f1438660.jpgRecorded Dec 21, 2016. Skip and Josh begin the show by teeing up the Word Junior Hockey Championships and Team Canada’s chances. They talk about Jaromir Jagr’s place on the all-time scoring list and explain why the Gretzky vs. Lemieux debate isn’t actually a debate at all. They discuss the exciting start of the NCAA basketball season, the NFL playoff picture and why Josh has forever blacklisted the Redskins. Finally Skip has something about Habs fans that is really bugging him.
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Episode 11 – The Philadelphia Episode


philly_postcard.jpgRecorded Dec 8, 2016.  Skip and Josh are joined by their good friend Mark from Philadelphia to talk about all things Philly. They discuss his love for the Flyers and their chances this season and how he became such a huge fan. They talk about the collapse of the Eagles, the buzz around the Sixers, the rise and fall of the Phillies and try to figure out why Mark is dominating in Fantasy football. The discussion turns to some random topics like the best stadium food, the Hartford Whalers and the TV show The Goldberg’s.
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Episode 10 – We Don’t Even Like Golf!

index.jpgRecorded Dec 8, 2016.  Skip and Josh answer some listener emails and are reminded about a birthday gift that went bad. They discuss the MLB winter meetings and break down the big signings and trades so far. They also get into the Habs injury situation, NCAA basketball and the exciting weeks remaining in fantasy and reality football. You’ll also never guess what’s bugging Josh this week.
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