Skip’s Top 100 Bruce Springsteen Songs

1Thunder Road
2Born to Run
3Racing in the streets
4Land of Hope and Dreams
5Prove It all Night
7No Surrender
10Atlantic City
11The Promised Land
12Darkness on the Edge of town
13The River
14Incident on 57th Street
15Better Days
16The Rising
17Downbound Train
18Brilliant Disguise
1910th Ave Freeze out
20Growin’ Up
21Candy’s room
22Bobby Jean
23Dancing in the Dark
24Open All Night
25Something in The Night
26Out in the Street
27Hungry Heart
28Point Blank
29Tougher than the rest
30If I was the Priest
31All that Heaven Will Allow
32Be True
33The Ties that bind
34Johnny 99
36Murder Inc
374th of July Asbury Park (Sandy)
38Its Hard to be a saint in the city
39Tunnel of Love
40This Hard Land
42Born in the USA
43Because the Night
44Valentines Day
45Sherry Darling
46Meet Me in the City
47Highway Patrolman
48Cadillac Ranch
50Spirit in the night
51My Love Will not let you down
53Roll of the Dice
54Reason to Believe
55Spare Parts
57Glory Days
58Burning Train
59House of 1000 Guitars
60The Ghost of Tom Joad
61I’ll see you in my Dreams
62Independence Day
63Lonesome Day
64Lost in the flood
65My Hometown
66Darlington County
67She’s the one
69Drive Fast
70Western Stars
71Human Touch
72If I should fall behind
73Chasing Wild Horses
74Light of Day
75Leap of Faith
76Blinded by the light
78Lucky Town
79Mary’s Place
80Moonlight motel
81Cover me
82For you
83From Small Things
84Meeting Across the River
87Streets of Philadelphia
89The Promise
90Pink Cadillac
91Two Hearts
92Tucson Train
93Wrecking Ball
94Does this bus stop at 82nd st
95NYC Serenade
96Dream baby Dream
97You can look ( but you better not touch)
99Secret garden
100I’m on Fire

Favorite Album Covers – Visual Reference

All the album covers from Episode 232 – Favorite Album Covers

The Gogos- Beauty and the Beat

The Beatles – Abbey Road

The Tragically Hip – Phantom Power

Toad the Wet Sprocket – Acoustic Dance Party

Genesis – Genesis

The Lemonheads – Car Button Cloth

Pink Floyd – Dark Side of the Moon

Pearl Jam – Vitalogy

John Lennon – Imagine

Bruce Springsteen – Born in the USA

Nirvana – Nevermind

Green Day – Dookie

A Large !?

From our latest episode on favorite ice cream flavours, a pic of a large sized ice cream from Martha’s in Lake George NY.

More Ticket Stubs

Some tickets stubs and pics that were discussed in Episode 200 – Top Seven Sporting Events (That We’ve Been to).

1989 Stanley Cup Final

Josh’s brush with fame in the Calgary Herald during the 1989 Stanley Cup Finals.

From Episode 181 – Down the Rabbit Hole


April 13, 1994

Photo taken April 13, 1994 at the Econo Lodge, Edmonton Alberta. Skip watching Pedro Martinez lose his perfect game against the Reds by hitting Reggie Sanders.

We discussed this game in  Episode 181 – Down the Rabbit Hole


Vinyl set to outsell CDs for the first time since 1986



Read the full article from New Musical Express and this one from Rolling Stone.

Vlad Jr. has his dad’s swing

We mentioned the side by side comparison of Vlad Jr-Vlad Sr’s swings on this episode.

The Boston Bruins and Brad Marchand are bringing the NHL back to the Dark Ages

Friend of the show David Alter wrote this interesting piece for NBC Sports about the Bruins cup run and Brad Marchand. Needless to say Bruins fans were not amused.

How foul balls are affecting length of games

This is the article that we mentioned on episode 130 – 14000 fouls balls.


Kramer and Newman

.250 ain’t gonna cut it in this league!


Top Ten Sports Songs

In our latest episode we each counted down our top ten sports songs. Here are the full lists with links. Enjoy!

1. One shining moment – David Barrett

2. Talkin’ Baseball (Expos version) – Terry Cashman

3. Gathering Crowds (Song from TWIB) – John Scott (British)

4. Three Lions – Lightning Seeds

5. Centerfield – John Fogerty

6. Glory Days – Bruce Springsteen

7. Big League – Tom Cochcrane

8. Sunday Night Football – Faith Hill

9. Take me out to the ball game – Jack Norworth and Albert Von Tilzer

10. The Hockey Theme (Song from HNIC) – Dolores Claman

1. One shining moment – David Barrett

2. Annakin Slayd – Remember

3. 3 Lions (98)

4. Centerfield – John Fogerty

5. Hockey Song – Stompin Tom Connors

6. HNIC Theme

7. Rocky Theme Song

8. Sweet Caroline – Neil Diamond

9. Take me out to the ball game

10. Sports Center theme




It’s Coming Home!

Yesterday I had the craziest dream, England had won a World Cup game on penalties. I woke up in a bit of a haze, you know that feeling where the dream seemed so real that you are not 100% sure of what actually happened? Did Eric Dier really make that last kick? Did Jordan Pickford really make that impossible save? It turns out it wasn’t a dream at all. Not only was it real, it was spectacular.

Many people ask me, how did you become such a diehard England fan? The simple answer would be that my grandmother and my mom were both born in England, but really for me it all started in 1990 when I spent two months in London sharing an apartment with some friends before traveling around Europe. That was the summer of Italia 90, the last time England made it to the semifinals of the World Cup and for me the start of an incredible love affair with the beautiful game. That summer a Canadian kid who only knew the basics of soccer grew to love that England side full talent, firepower, grit and determination. This was the days before the internet and social media.  We would read the newspapers to get the inside stories on the England team, we would watch the games at local pubs cheering along with all the locals. A few weeks earlier I had never heard of John Barnes, Gary Lineker, Chris Waddle or Paul Gascoigne, but pretty soon we were debating with coworkers over who should start and why the manger was suddenly changing formations.
England lost on penalties to eventual champion Germany. We all left the pub that night in silence and the next day no one dare speak about the game. What we didn’t know was that this was to be the start of a terrible run for the England squad where failure to perform at the World Cup or the Euro became commonplace and specifically going home on penalty kicks became almost expected.

Here’s a brief history of England in the penalty kicks:

1990 WC Semi Final. Lost to Germany.  I can still see Chris Waddle’s shot sailing over the net.
1996 Euro Semi Final. Football was supposed to be coming home, they had just beaten Spain on penalties in the quarter finals but came up short vs. Germany when current manager Gareth Southgate had his shot saved.
1998 WC Quarter Final. Lost to Argentina. This was the game where David Beckham was famously red carded and David Batty missed the decisive kick for England.
2004 Euro Quarter Final. Lost to Portugal. The Portuguese keeper was the one who took and made the decisive kick just to add a little extra to the humiliation.
2006 WC Quarter Final again vs Portugal. Beckham missed and Ronaldo didn’t.
2012 Euro Quarter Final. Ashely Young off the bar and Ashley Cole with a telegraphed shot.

England didn’t win a game at the last World Cup and then lost to Iceland in the Euro’s, those teams under manager Roy Hodgson seemed to be put together with no rhyme or reason, no plan, no heart.
The win vs Columbia yesterday felt like a kind of redemption for England. Every time they lose in penalties the pressure increases the next time. Southgate knows more than anyone the feeling of going out on penalties, but this time England have belief in themselves and with that England fans also have belief. I don’t know how this World Cup will end but this England squad have allowed me to dream about the perfect ending. Football’s Coming Home!

I’ll leave you with this video of me watching the final shot of the penalties vs Columbia.



Another back injury blamed on a hotel bed

Marcelo, the star left back for Brazil is the latest athlete to blame his back injury on a bad hotel bed.


Our Bracket Challenge Winner

Congratulations to Daniel Berg, our 2018 March Madness Bracket Challenge Winner**.

(As you can see we spared no expense on prizes)

**The rules clearly stated that Darren Berger won the bracket challenge by virtue of the tie breaker, however Josh did not agree with the result and proclaimed Daniel Berg the winner since he had picked more total correct games.


Vlad Jr. walk off

As lifelong Expos fans, this is everything!

And its even better in french:



Accountant by day, NHL goalie by night

usa_today_10746929.1522378736The amazing story of Scott Foster, accountant and emergency goalie who made his NHL debut for the Blackhawks last night.

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Eight Months for the Wrong Shoes

Here is the video we discussed in episode 71.
ESPN’s Dan LeBatard unboxing his Big Baller Brand shoes. Eight months to get his $1000 order and they didn’t even send him the right shoes.

Our Top 10 Tragically Hip Songs

In episode 67 following up on our recent crossover with the guys at the Semi Intellectual Musings Podcast we decided to reveal our top 10 Tragically Hip songs.  Josh had a lot of trouble compiling his list and didn’t even put the songs in order.

Josh (in album order)

New Orleans is sinking
Blow at High Dough
38 Years Old
Boots or Hearts
Little Bones
Three Pistols
Locked in the trunk of a car
Wheat Kings
700 foot ceiling

1- Bobcaygeon
2- Highway Girl (LIVE)
3- Three Pistols
4- Blow at High Dough
5- Little Bones
6- Nautical Disaster
7- Ahead by a Century
8- Wheat Kings
9- Gift Shop
10- Grace Too





Rules of Roommates

Friend of the show Joseph DeBenedictis is one of the producers of this great show called Rules of Roommates. The long awaited fourth episode has finally been released staring none other than Josh!


Our Top 5 Baseball Movies

As we mentioned in episode 52, here are our top 5 baseball movies.

Bull_Durham_film_poster.jpg1- Bull Durham

“Don’t try to strike everybody out. Strikeouts are boring! Besides that, they’re fascist. Throw some ground balls – it’s more democratic”


for-love-of-the-game-movie-poster-1999-1020190882.jpg2- For love of the game

Billy: “I’ve lost 134 times” Jane: “You count them” Billy: “We count everything”


Moneyball_Poster.jpg3- Moneyball

“I hate losing more than I love winning.”



4- The Rookie

“You know what we get to do today Brooks?  We get to play baseball”


Fever_Pitch_US.jpg5- Fever Pitch

“Well, Dwight Evans parked a couple of homers, the Sox won, and by day’s end poor Ben had become one of God’s most pathetic creatures: a Red Sox fan. ”

Others: A league of their own, 42, 61*, Major League, The Fan, Trouble with the curve

Bull_Durham_film_poster.jpg1- Bull Durham

“You just got lesson number one, don’t think, it can only hurt the ball club”


Field_of_Dreams_poster.jpg2- Field of Dreams

“Is this heaven? … No Its Iowa”


movieposter.jpg3- The Sandlot

“You’re killing me Smalls”


nat.jpg4- The Natural

” it took me 16 years to get here. You play me, and you’ll get the best I’ve got.”


60021965.jpg5- Rookie of the year

” Hey! Your Mom’s got a pretty good arm! I haven’t seen the floater pitch since Scruffy McGee! ”


Others: Eight Men Out, 61*, Fever Pitch, A league of their own, Trouble with the curve

“Tip That Cap” by Annakin Slayd – Tribute to Tim Raines

“Tip That Cap” by Annakin Slayd – Tribute to Tim Raines

Rick Ankiel: Anxiety in Professional Sports

Fellow podcasters Matt & Phil from the Semi Intellectual Musings Podcast recently contacted us via twitter to ask for our opinion on a story about former major league baseball player Rick Ankiel and his battle with anxiety.  There way to much to say in 140 characters so I decided to type our some thoughts here instead.

In the late 90’s and early 2000s I was heavy into fantasy sports, back then before marriage, family, career, I knew every player on every MLB team and every franchise’s top prospects.  No prospect stood out or was more highly touted than Rick Ankiel. He was a “can’t miss” prospect, an arm that comes around once in a generation. He showed great promise in the 1999 and 2000 seasons but like many hard throwers he was plagued with some “control problems”. As the article alludes to, it was in the 2000 playoffs vs. the Braves where it all unraveled for Ankiel. He literally could not throw a strike, throwing one wild pitch after another.  We had seen this kind of mental block before with Mackey Sasser a catcher who couldn’t throw the ball back to the pitcher and also with Chuck Knoblauch a second baseman who couldn’t throw the ball to first base and eventually became an outfielder.  But this thing with Ankiel was different, he was a pitcher, his only job is to throw the ball sixty feet six inches from the mound to the plate.

Ankiel was out of baseball within  couple of seasons. This was nothing new really,  baseball history is filled with flamethrowers who couldn’t harness their full potential. The amazing thing is that he re-emerged as a power hitting outfielder in 2007-2008 and was actually pretty good (he hit 25 homeruns in 2008).

Flash forward to 2017 and Roberto Osuna of the Jays who recently openly stated he was dealing with anxiety. The fact that he is openly talking about it is a testament to just how far we have come in the past 15 years. Historically a professional athlete would be seen as weak if he admitted to anxiety, athletes are taught even as kids not to show any signs of weakness.
It’s campaigns like Bell’s Let’s Talk and spokesperson Clara Hughes that have changed the way we look at depression and anxiety.  Rick Ankiel couldn’t talk about it back then. Today Osuna can.

Written by Skip

My Top 20 U2 Songs

by Skip

As I stated on our latest podcast episode there is only one correct answer as to the best U2 song of all time. Here are my top 10:

  1. Where the Street Have No Name. Probably the best opening build up to any song ever. The Edge’s guitar building slowly, the bass and drums rolling in all leading up to Bono’s epic “I want to run, I want to hide…”
  2. Bad. The live version from the Wide Awake in America EP is incredible in so many ways. U2 at their best.
  3. Bullet the Blue Sky. I also prefer the live version from Rattle and Hum. When Bono is shining the spotlight on the Edge… The movie was nothing special but that part gave me chills.
  4. Running to Stand Still. A haunting ballad about drug addiction. Such a beautiful song.
  5. Who’s Gonna Ride your Wild Horses. Achtung Baby is an extremely underrated album. One of those albums that gets better the more you listen to it. When Bono sings: “Don’t turn around, Don’t turn around again…”  I dare you not to sing along.
  6. Stay (far away so close). My cohost Josh reminded me of this hidden gem.  “Green light, Seven Eleven..”
  7. One. There are many who might have this ranked #1. Really beautiful song.  If you are not familiar with the Mary J. Blidge version, check it out.
  8. Beautiful Day. Our guest Joseph said this was one of the most perfect pop-rock songs ever written. I still remember playing this on a loop 20 times in a row when it first came out.
  9. In God’s Country. When the Joshua Tree was released I didn’t even have a CD player. I had the 12 inch single (vinyl) of In God’s Country that I played over and over.
  10. Pride (In the Name of love). As a teen I always loved the political songs.

#11-20: A Sort of Homecoming, Sunday Bloody Sunday, With or Without You, I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For, All I Want is You, 40, Angel of Harlem, New Year’s Day, The Unforgettable Fire, Red Hill Mining Town.

Stanley Cup Celebration 1999

Flashback to summer of 1999, a much younger Skip lifting and drinking champagne from the Stanley Cup.
Photo 2017-06-30, 9 23 04 AM.jpg

Excuse me, Stanley Cup coming through!

Some amazing behind the scenes video of Sidney Crosby carrying the Stanley Cup into the Penguins dressing room. What make this so special; Crosby is the ultimate Canadian, politely saying excuse me as he is making his way through the crowd of reporters.


The Mr. Met Saga


By now you have heard the story of Mr. Met, the beloved New York Met mascot who gave a fan the finger and was subsequently fired. His firing is definitely appropriate, as a team mascot simply can not give a fan the finger and expect to keep his job.

A fan has spoken out in defense of Mr Met and details the events that led up to the infamous gesture.

Article is here:

IMPORTANT NOTE: Mr. Met only has four digits on each hand so technically he can not give anyone the middle finger.


In our most recent episode (#40) we talked about the Nashville Predators fan who smuggled in a catfish into Penguins arena and threw it on the ice.  FULL STORY HERE.


Tribute to Chris Cornell

When people think of the grunge music of the 90’s its usually Pearl Jam and Nirvana that come to mind, however the influence of Soundgarden and their front man Chris Cornell should not be overlooked. Soundgarden had an indescribable sound, part punk, part classic rock, with a lead vocalist who’s voice and presence were one of a kind.
Here are some of our favorite Chris Cornell songs: Spoonman (Soundgarden), Hunger Strike (Temple of the Dog) and a solo version of Nothing Compares 2U.




Five Guys dethrones In-N-Out

Five Guys has overtaken In-N-Out as America’s #1 Burger.
Full article HERE from Huff Post.
You can also read the not so happy California point of view HERE from L.A.Eater.


Marlins fan flashes Cardinals pitcher during game

This Miami Marlins Fan flashed the opposing teams pitcher during a recent game. Read the full article here, along with a video of the “incident’.



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Top 50 Fast Food Items in America

For all our Canadian listeners please let us know about any uniquely Canadian foods that could make this list (Harvey’s, Tim’s etc…)


Buffalo Lake Effect Snow Storm

In episode 19 we talked with Joseph DeBenedictis about this amazing time lapse video that he took that has over 3 million views on youtube

The Germ Show

The Germ Show is a reality show pilot produced by our recent guest Joseph DeBenedictis and starring Josh!

Songs of the year

In our best of 2106 episode we gave out awards for best song of the year.  Skip chose Closer by The Chainsmokers ( ft. Halsey) and Josh picked Soundcheck by Catfish and the Bottlemen. Neither of us had ever heard the others song before ( which is quite incredible).


The case for Tim Raines

In Episode 7 we talked about Tim Raines last chance to be inducted into the MLB Hall of Fame.  In this video Jonah Keri explains it all in 45 seconds.


What happens to all those hats?

One of our listeners let us know that at the Wells Fargo Center in Philly
they are collecting all those hats thrown onto the ice after a hat trick is scored.


Blackhawk’s Goal Song

The Chicago Blackhawks goal song, Chelsea Dagger by the Fratelli’s that we mentioned in episode 4. We also used this song as the intro music for Kos in episode 6.

Kyle Schwarber Dance Video

The Cubs made this hilarious video celebrating Kyle Schwarber’s amazing dance moves.