Our Bracket Challenge Winner

Congratulations to Daniel Berg, our 2018 March Madness Bracket Challenge Winner**.

(As you can see we spared no expense on prizes)

**The rules clearly stated that Darren Berger won the bracket challenge by virtue of the tie breaker, however Josh did not agree with the result and proclaimed Daniel Berg the winner since he had picked more total correct games.


Vlad Jr. walk off

As lifelong Expos fans, this is everything!

And its even better in french:



Accountant by day, NHL goalie by night

usa_today_10746929.1522378736The amazing story of Scott Foster, accountant and emergency goalie who made his NHL debut for the Blackhawks last night.


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Jason Kelce’s Epic Rant from the Eagles Super Bowl Parade

Eagles Rocky Hype Video

If you love the Eagles and Rocky ( like Skip) this video is a must: