Episode 29 – Steaks on a Plane


capital-one-steaks-hed-2017.jpgRecorded March 20, 2017. Skip and Josh recap the exciting weekend of March Madness: upsets, controversial calls, busted brackets, their favourite commercials, Lonzo Ball’s father and of course the loss by Duke. They also discuss the NHL playoff picture, the Leafs late season surge and the Hab’s solidifying their chances. Josh keeps everyone informed on what’s going on in the World Baseball Classic, Skip has something that’s bugging him and Josh is headed for spring training.
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Music: http://www.bensound.com

Episode 28 – The March Madness Extravaganza


images.jpgRecorded March 13, 2017. In this jumbo sized episode Skip and Josh have assembled an expert group of guests to reveal their complete picks for the upcoming NCAA Tournament: Neil from Montreal/Boston (4:30), Kos from Chicago (25:45) and Rob from Montreal (39:51). Skip and Josh reveal their picks (59:55) and explain why March is the best month on the sports calendar.
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