Episode 215– Favorite Movies from the 80s

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The 80s, the decade that brought us larger than life action heroes, coming of age comedies and teen horror movies. Skip and Josh go back in time to countdown their favorite movies from the 1980s.  Also in this episode: March Madness without Duke and Kentucky? Listener mail, some late night NHL game times and the possibility of a CFL-XFL crossover.

Additional links that were discussed in this episode:

CFL-XFL Crossover

Theme music in this episode: “Rumble” from Bensound and “Brit Pop” from Scott Holmes Music.

Episode 133 – The Third Annual Skip and Josh March Madness Extravaganza

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march-madnessIt’s that time of year again and the guys are joined by special guest Neil Schnurbach (@AssemblyNeil) to break down everything you need to know about March Madness. Which teams can go all the way and who will be this year’s Cinderella story? Recorded March 18, 2019.

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Music in this episode: “Rumble” by bensound.com, “Brit Pop” by scottholmesmusic.com, “Gonzo” by Jahzzar

Episode 92 – It’s Really Just a Calendar

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imagesRecorded April 22, 2018.  In this episode: Will Josh have to start blocking Skip’s calls during the week? More controversy in the March Madness Bracket Challenge (4:23) and an etiquette question has the guys stumped. In the NHL playoffs (14:29) the Bruins-Leafs and Caps-Blue Jackets have provided some great playoff hockey, meanwhile the Flyers still haven’t figure out their goalie situation (its been 30 years). The NBA playoffs (20:44) have been really compelling especially with the possibility of Lebron getting knocked out in the first round.In Baseball (27:16) the Jays are o  ff to a great start but the Red Sox are even hotter. Bartolo Colon almost blew up twitter (again) and there was a no hitter this week. The NFL (34:48) announced some silly scheduling changes, Josh recommends some new podcasts (36:55) and Skip is trying to eliminate the customer-salesperson interaction in his own What Bugs Me (42:21).

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Our Bracket Challenge Winner

Congratulations to Daniel Berg, our 2018 March Madness Bracket Challenge Winner**.

(As you can see we spared no expense on prizes)

**The rules clearly stated that Darren Berger won the bracket challenge by virtue of the tie breaker, however Josh did not agree with the result and proclaimed Daniel Berg the winner since he had picked more total correct games.


Episode 86 – And Then There Were Four

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1280x720_80325C00-XVMBVRecorded March 26, 2018.  In this special mini episode, the guys give their thoughts on the Final Four, the instant classic between Duke and Kansas, Villanova’s chances and the great runs by Michigan and Loyola(Chicago).
The Bracket Challenge only has three possible winners and Josh has a What Bugs Me.

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Episode 85 – The Madness Continues

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itunes_july2017Recorded March 24, 2018.  In this episode: March Madness (4:16) is in its second week and the games are still providing plenty of drama and excitement.
The guys discuss Duke’s impressive run, the elite eight, why zone defenses are so effective and the importance of free throws. There is also an update on the bracket challenge where only a few contestants can still claim victory.  In listener mail (26:30) Skip has a message for all the Duke haters.  In the NHL (30:20) the playoff picture is getting clearer and so is the race for last place. The guys have some thoughts about the leagues ability to use instant replay properly which prompts a great discussion on instant replay in all sports.


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Episode 29 – Steaks on a Plane


capital-one-steaks-hed-2017.jpgRecorded March 20, 2017. Skip and Josh recap the exciting weekend of March Madness: upsets, controversial calls, busted brackets, their favourite commercials, Lonzo Ball’s father and of course the loss by Duke. They also discuss the NHL playoff picture, the Leafs late season surge and the Hab’s solidifying their chances. Josh keeps everyone informed on what’s going on in the World Baseball Classic, Skip has something that’s bugging him and Josh is headed for spring training.
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