Rules of Roommates

Friend of the show Joseph DeBenedictis is one of the producers of this great show called Rules of Roommates. The long awaited fourth episode has finally been released staring none other than Josh!


Episode 55 – Four Things, or Maybe Really Eight Things

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die_04_04_42146_lg.gifRecorded Sept 9, 2017. The guys each came prepared with four things to discuss that grabbed their attention in the past week. Could Josh’s day be ruined because of a podcast? What’s the early verdict on the return of Jay and Dan to TSN? Why were the television ratings so poor for the NFL season opener? What are some of the new options for watching the NFL for Canadian viewers? Baseball is about to break a homerun record, why is no one talking about it? Why is Josh watching the same TV show over and over? Does the Ottawa Senators organization actually know what its doing? Plus: How not to manage a fantasy baseball team.

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Episode 14 – The Best of 2016


2016 6.jpgRecorded Dec 29, 2016. Find out who will take home the most prestigious awards in all of sports and entertainment as Skip and Josh review the year in sports by handing out awards for best team, best play, best game and ultimate MVP. They also hand out non-sports related awards for TV, movies and music.
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