Episode 211 – Favorite Smartphone Apps

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Smartphones have become a huge part of everyone’s life, let’s face it our phones are pretty much attached to us these days, so Skip and Josh decided to countdown their favorite apps.   Also in this episode: A public service announcement, an epic mailbag, the Baseball Hall of Fame and the upcoming Super Bowl.

Additional links that were discussed in this episode:

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The Sports Reporters Podcast

Theme music in this episode: “Rumble” from Bensound and “Brit Pop” from Scott Holmes Music.

Episode 61 – MLB Division Series Recap: Damaged Goods

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Untitled design(1).pngRecorded Oct 13, 2017. The MLB division series are over and Josh is fired up. Do any mangers actually know how to handle a pitching staff? Why do these games start so late and take so long? Skip is questioning himself about the importance of the pitching match ups and also wondering if any players today know the fundamentals of baseball. Josh tries to console Nats fans and declares that the Washington-Montreal franchise is cursed. The guys also get a bit philosophical.

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Episode 60 – MLB Postseason Preview: A Baseball Wish List

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mlb-2017-620x350.jpgRecorded Oct 1, 2017. This was supposed to be a baseball playoff preview but what it became was actually a kind of look into the minds of two huge fans and what strange and often random factors make them root for one team over another. The grammar police are back and MLB has decreed that the playoffs be called POSTSEASON 2017. Skip declares his love for playoff baseball while Josh makes a pretty good case in favor of the wildcard format. The guys figured out that there are a few good reasons to cheer for a team: nice uniforms, if you like the fiancé of one of the players and usually if the team is an underdog. There are also reasons not to cheer for a team like ugly uniforms, bad time zones, if a players is a jerk or if you dislike a manager for something he might have done thirty five years ago. They guys ask some big questions: Can a wildcard team go all the way? Will the Nationals bullpen hold up? Are the Red Sox for real? Can the Cubs repeat? Can the Dodgers finally make some noise in the playoffs and can anyone stop the Indians? There’s also a cool promo for some indy podcast friends.

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Our Top 5 Baseball Movies

As we mentioned in episode 52, here are our top 5 baseball movies.

Bull_Durham_film_poster.jpg1- Bull Durham

“Don’t try to strike everybody out. Strikeouts are boring! Besides that, they’re fascist. Throw some ground balls – it’s more democratic”


for-love-of-the-game-movie-poster-1999-1020190882.jpg2- For love of the game

Billy: “I’ve lost 134 times” Jane: “You count them” Billy: “We count everything”


Moneyball_Poster.jpg3- Moneyball

“I hate losing more than I love winning.”



4- The Rookie

“You know what we get to do today Brooks?  We get to play baseball”


Fever_Pitch_US.jpg5- Fever Pitch

“Well, Dwight Evans parked a couple of homers, the Sox won, and by day’s end poor Ben had become one of God’s most pathetic creatures: a Red Sox fan. ”

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Bull_Durham_film_poster.jpg1- Bull Durham

“You just got lesson number one, don’t think, it can only hurt the ball club”


Field_of_Dreams_poster.jpg2- Field of Dreams

“Is this heaven? … No Its Iowa”


movieposter.jpg3- The Sandlot

“You’re killing me Smalls”


nat.jpg4- The Natural

” it took me 16 years to get here. You play me, and you’ll get the best I’ve got.”


60021965.jpg5- Rookie of the year

” Hey! Your Mom’s got a pretty good arm! I haven’t seen the floater pitch since Scruffy McGee! ”


Others: Eight Men Out, 61*, Fever Pitch, A league of their own, Trouble with the curve

Episode 52 – A Ship Without a Rudder

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YankeesOutfield.JPGRecorded Aug 16, 2017. Skip is back from vacation and the guys catch up after not having spoken for over a week.  Josh actually read a book and also feels compelled to correct some things he said in the last couple of episodes. Eventually the conversation turns to sports, specifically baseball where the guys ask: Does it always make sense to acquire players at the deadline? How good are the Dodgers? Can anyone take Giancarlo Stanton’s contract? Are all new records and great performances now in doubt because of potential PEDs? Is there such a thing as the curse of the homerun derby? How awesome is Bryce Harper’s hair? How exactly did the guys decide who’s name came first in the show title?

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Episode 51 – The Dog Days of Summer: MLB Trade Deadline Winners and Losers

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Generic-Baseball.jpgRecorded Aug 2, 2017. Skip and Josh recap the MLB trade deadline. How will Yu Darvish fit in on the already stacked Dodgers? Can Sonny Gray keep the Yankees playoff hopes alive? Is the Sox-Yankees rivalry back? Have the Nationals addressed their bullpen woes? Did the Astros do enough? Do the Rockies or Diamondbacks have what it takes to make some noise in the N.L.? Josh weighs in on the Jays: Do the fans still have hope? Should they have unloaded more veterans? Skip is worried that Kate Upton is avoiding him.

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Episode 50 – Skip and Josh Go to Cooperstown

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CooperstownWelcomeSignRecorded Aug 2, 2017. There’s nothing like a baseball road trip and what could be better than a trip to the baseball hall of fame to see Tim Raines inducted. The guys recap their weekend adventure that included meeting Jonah Keri and Josh letting out all of his frustrations on Bud Selig. A couple of important questions are addressed: How can three guys sleep in a hotel room with only one bed and how to get through four hours of speeches in the summer heat.

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