Episode 140 – The NHL has a Weasel Problem

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d2iu1vw-48260511-694f-4002-a5f1-25c835492102In this episode: The Kentucky Derby, the NHL Playoffs, Gary Bettman testifies in Canadian Parliament and Brad Marchand strikes again. Skip has lifted his self-imposed ban on the NBA and is loving round two of the playoffs. There’s some MLB notes, listener mail and even a mention of Avengers: Endgame. Recorded May 4, 2019.


Music in this episode: “Rumble” by bensound.com, “Brit Pop” by scottholmesmusic.com, “Gonzo” by Jahzzar

Episode 102- I’m Going to Vomit

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35617464_184340818908564_7301031618188148736_nRecorded July 1, 2018. In this episode Skip and Josh debate the correct criteria when voting for a league MVP (4:01). Josh is sick to his stomach over the announcement that Gary Bettman has been elected into the Hockey Hall of Fame (9:25). The only free agent signing of consequence in the NHL was John Tavares signing with the Leafs (15:11). How good can the Leafs be next season? Meanwhile, in the NBA its all about The Decision Part Three (22:28). Josh is full of things that are bugging him including tipping at restaurants. The guys close the show (33:28) by chatting about Tim Tebow and overpriced greeting cards.

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Episode 32 – Playoffs?!


jim_mora_playoffs.jpgSkip and Josh discuss the Toronto sports scene with the Leafs, Raptors and Jays all sharing the spotlight, then the guys preview the playoffs in the NHL and the NBA. In the NHL the guys go over all the first round match ups, the lousy playoff format, the lack of rivalries, and the first ever good between period interview (thank you Justin Williams!). In the NBA the guys go over the MVP race, the origin of the triple double and the playoff match ups.
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Episode 31 – I like how you pronounced PyeongChang


HFl8Psl.jpgRecorded April 8, 2017. Skip and Josh recap the incredibly busy week in sports. Josh talks about his recent experience at the Jays preseason game in Montreal and the guys discus the momentum around the Expos returning. An NCAA basketball champion was crowned, so was a winner in bracket challenge group. The big news of the week was the announcement that the NHL wouldn’t be sending players to the upcoming winter Olympics, the guys break this down in an epic Q&A segment. Skip has a preemptive What Bugs Me and Josh also needs to get something off his chest.
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