Episode 38 – He’s a Bleep Disturber


kesler.jpegRecorded May 20, 2017. In this episode Skip and Josh discuss the NHL Playoffs, the Sens, Pens, Ducks and Preds, Guy Boucher’s coaching philosophy, Ryan Kesler and the lack of penalty calls.  The guys also get into the NBA playoffs, Lebron James’ dominance and the draft lottery. Josh is still loving the MLB network and sick of baseball fights. The guys also talk about some non-sports news including the best burgers, Twin Peaks and Chris Cornell’s Legacy. Also Josh uses a new razor.
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Music: http://www.bensound.com

Tribute to Chris Cornell

When people think of the grunge music of the 90’s its usually Pearl Jam and Nirvana that come to mind, however the influence of Soundgarden and their front man Chris Cornell should not be overlooked. Soundgarden had an indescribable sound, part punk, part classic rock, with a lead vocalist who’s voice and presence were one of a kind.
Here are some of our favorite Chris Cornell songs: Spoonman (Soundgarden), Hunger Strike (Temple of the Dog) and a solo version of Nothing Compares 2U.