Bonus Episode – Favorite cover songs with Jesse Jackson

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cover songs

In this bonus cross over episode the guys countdown their favorite cover songs as guests on the Set Lusting Bruce Podcast with Jesse Jackson.

Please check out the Set Lusting Bruce Podcast here.

Episode 66 – We’re not Sports Snobs with Matt and Phil from Semi Intellectual Musings

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Recorded Nov 4, 2017. This is part two of the epic podcast crossover event with Matt Sanderson and Phil Primeau from the Semi Intellectual Musings Podcast.
In Part one on their show ( we mused for about 90 minutes about out the passing of Gord Downie, and shared great memories and stories about the Tragically hip.

In Part two on our show we dive into Politics and Sports. Are we spots snobs? Will Kaepernick ever get signed? Anthems, kneeling, law suits, collusion, mobile QBs, distractions and some other protests in sports history.  We also discuss youth sports in Canada and how Matt’s newborn daughter will play third base for the Jays one day.

The Semi Intellectual Musings Podcast can be found here:
They are on twitter: @The_SIM_Pod
Facebook: @thesimpod

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