Episode 114 – There’s Something Fundamentally Wrong

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wrong-red-grunge-round-vintage-rubber-stamp-vector-16526755Recorded Oct 13, 2018.  In this episode Skip and Josh make their picks in the MLB playoffs (1:51). Can the Astros repeat? Are the Red Sox as good as their regular season record suggests? Can the Brewers defeat the Dodgers? In the NFL (23:30) Skip is thrilled that the Eagles are back on track but actually feels sorry for Giants fans. Meanwhile NHL replay officials managed to somehow overturn the same goal twice (35:57)?

Music in this episode: “Rumble” by bensound.com, “Brit Pop” by scottholmesmusic.com, “Gonzo” by Jahzzar

Episode 69 – Broken Nose

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alg-plante-jpgRecorded Dec 2, 2017. It’s Josh’s birthday and would you believe he broke his nose playing hockey.  The Grey Cup game was played in the most Canadian way possible.  Skip was in New York this week and doesn’t want to hear any more about Tiger Woods or Eli Manning. Josh has subscribed to a new podcast and Skip has unsubscribed from one.  The Habs appear to be back on track now that they have rediscovered their old system. The guys also discuss the World Cup draw.

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Music: http://www.bensound.com