Episode 75 – We’re Definitely On The Same Page

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same pageRecorded Jan 13, 2018. In this episode: Skip managed to escape some of the winter weather, Josh started binge watching a new show and the ‘What Bugs Me’ segment makes a triumphant return thanks to the NHL.
The guys discuss the upcoming NHL All Star game and answer some listener mail about the Leafs.
The NFL playoffs are going strong. In the AFC the Pats and Steelers appear to be on a collision course. In the NFC Skip has not lost faith in the Eagles.
Josh has some questions about NCAA football and the Heisman trophy winner.

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Episode 13 – The Wayne Gretzky of People I Don’t Like


a5e4a9ec4b24937ae92c12d6f1438660.jpgRecorded Dec 21, 2016. Skip and Josh begin the show by teeing up the Word Junior Hockey Championships and Team Canada’s chances. They talk about Jaromir Jagr’s place on the all-time scoring list and explain why the Gretzky vs. Lemieux debate isn’t actually a debate at all. They discuss the exciting start of the NCAA basketball season, the NFL playoff picture and why Josh has forever blacklisted the Redskins. Finally Skip has something about Habs fans that is really bugging him.
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