Episode 237 – Favorite Pearl Jam Songs

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Skip and Josh countdown their top seven songs from one of the most influential rock groups of all time and also one of their favorites – Pearl Jam. Also in this episode: The Braves are the World Series champs, Skip has some homework to do, the mailbag, the Manning bothers on Monday Night Football and some TV recommendations.

Additional links that were discussed in this episode:
Final plays from the last 50 World Series
Once Upon a Time in Queens

Theme music in this episode: “Rumble” from Bensound and “Brit Pop” from Scott Holmes Music.

Tribute to Chris Cornell

When people think of the grunge music of the 90’s its usually Pearl Jam and Nirvana that come to mind, however the influence of Soundgarden and their front man Chris Cornell should not be overlooked. Soundgarden had an indescribable sound, part punk, part classic rock, with a lead vocalist who’s voice and presence were one of a kind.
Here are some of our favorite Chris Cornell songs: Spoonman (Soundgarden), Hunger Strike (Temple of the Dog) and a solo version of Nothing Compares 2U.