Episode 197 – Top Seven Sports Uniforms

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Josh opens the show with the revelation that he is much less stressed out since he stopped watching so much sports. The guys discuss some tennis news, a baseball player getting injured putting on pants, the hero and zero of the week plus the mailbag. Then they get into their latest top seven list, this week the top sports uniforms.
See the uniforms discussed in this episode here.

Additional links that were discussed in this episode:
Baseball player injures himself putting on pants
Coach K and the expanded NCAA tournament
TV show about Andre Dawson
Cobra Kai

Music in this episode: “Rumble” from Bensound and “Brit Pop” from Scott Holmes Music.

Episode 77 – Do Your Job!

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itunes_july2017Recorded Jan 28, 2018. Josh has a lot of stuff to get of his chest this week and Skip is happy to help him out by discussing the Habs situation with Carey Price, the NHL All Star game and the NFL Pro Bowl skills competition. The XFL is making a comeback, should anyone even care and can it work?  Josh has something that’s really bugging him – NBA jerseys!?  The guys discuss the one and done era and how its affecting the level of play in college basketball and in the NBA. Skip was screwed by his cable company while watching NCAA basketball.  Vladimir Guerrero is a hall of famer, does that mean another road trip to Cooperstown this summer?

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Episode 48 – What’s Bugging Josh (Part 1)

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podcast-therapy-sign.jpgRecorded July 22, 2017. The guys decided to devote an entire episode to things in sports that are bugging Josh. This episode is only part one since Josh’s list was so long.  Some important questions in this episode: Is the concept of podcast therapy working for Josh? What’s the situation with the new NBA jerseys? What teams in pro sports have the best jerseys? Who has the worst? Why are the best players of all time always measured by championships? Why are fans so obsessed with making lists of the greatest players of all time?

Music: http://www.bensound.com