Episode 180 – We Should All Self Isolate on a Yacht

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3y8dbnIn this episode: Josh opens the show with a strange request and Skip follows up on some corrections from last week. The guys share some thoughts on the NFL draft including bathrobes, commercials, wardrobe changes and yachts. Also: Gronk un-retires, the MLB report on the Red Sox, more classic Expos on TV and Skip’s loyalty to another podcast is tested. Recorded April 25, 2020.


Episode 176 – How Did They Ever Lose?

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itunes_july2017Incredibly with everything going on in the world and all sports shut down the guys still manage to discuss sports, only now the games are the classic ones on TV that are thirty years old. In hockey: How did the 80’s Oilers ever lose?  And the NHLPA player poll. In college basketball: More March Madness memories and a look at some of the great Duke teams from the 90’s and 2000’s. The mailbag prompts an in depth discussion about the 90s Expos. Also: Skip is going to watch WrestleMania and thoughts on Chick-Fil-A in Toronto.  Recorded April 4, 2020.


Music in this episode: “Rumble” by www.bensound.com , “Brit Pop” by scottholmesmusic.com, “Gonzo” by Jahzzar

Episode 94 – Nobody Really Knows Anything

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Recorded May 5, 2018. In this episode: Josh tries to explain the format of the show, Skip is worried that the podcast might be causing some relationship problems, meanwhile Josh wants to use the show to get free stuff. In the NHL playoffs (7:19) Brad Marchand has a licking problem, the Vegas Golden Knights keep winning, goal scoring is way up and the draft lottery telecast really bugged Josh (16:00).  In the NBA playoffs (17:47) The Raptors are proving that they are the ultimate choking dogs, Drake is making a fool of himself and why the Sixers-Celtics series is huge at Skip’s house. In baseball (34:11) Josh has a solution for MLB’s scheduling problems.

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Episode 35 – A Tale of Two Cities


habsleafslogolg6315018.jpgRecorded April 28, 2017. Skip and Josh have had a week to reflect on the elimination of both the Habs and Leafs from the playoffs and they discuss the reactions in each city; in Montreal its doom and gloom while in Toronto it’s all positive.  The guys chat about the rest of the NHL playoff series focusing on the Senators and the Oilers. Also in this episode: the stupidity of interviews with athletes, the NFL draft, the ESPN layoffs and of course the guys each have something that’s bugging them this week.
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