Episode 98 – It’s Not Illegal or Immoral, It’s Completely Insane

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itunes_july2017Recorded June 3, 2018. The guys start the show by declaring a specific topic is now official banned. The NBA final are in full swing (3:41) with J.R. Smith providing some great entertainment. Duke will be coming to Montreal and Toronto this summer which reminds Skip to open the mailbag (8:01). Josh is not feeling great about the way the Stanley Cup Finals are going (9:03). Are the Golden Knights finally starting to feel the pressure? Also Brian Colangelo, Serena Williams’ cat suit (24:34), the CFL on ESPN plus Skip’s soccer minute (30:52).

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Episode 12 – A Can a Day Keeps the Doctor Away


IMG_2633.JPGRecorded Dec 17, 2016. Skip and Josh talk about Carey Price being pulled vs the Sharks and the outlook for the Habs.  Skip brings up some numbers that caught his eye. Josh made it to the playoffs in Fantasy Football, can his team go all the way? The guys discuss the upcoming week in the NFL, hot iced tea and we find out what’s bugging Josh this week.
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