Episode 124 – Don’t Bother Correcting Me

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itunes_july2017Josh opens the show with some questions about hockey, specifically the selections for the NHL All Star game and something that’s been bugging him about the World Junior Championships. It was also Wildcard Weekend in the NFL and Skip was certainly happy with the result of the Eagles-Bears game. Recorded January 6, 2019.

Music in this episode: “Rumble” by bensound.com, “Brit Pop” by scottholmesmusic.com, “Gonzo” by Jahzzar

Episode 103 – They Broke My Heart

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itunes_july2017Recorded July 8, 2018. With the World Cup down to the Final Four Josh has some soccer questions for Skip (2:13), including the origin of the England anthem 3 Lions and exactly how badly does Skip want an England win.  In the NHL (17:57) there’s some listener mail on the Tavares signing, meanwhile things keep getting worse for the Habs. Its been twenty-five years since a Canadian team won the Cup. Which Canadian franchise has the best chance to break the streak? Josh also talks about how his heart was broken when his favorite player was traded (it’s not who you think). In baseball (31:03) Josh has a some more rule changes that could speed up the game.
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