Episode 224 – The Jinx is Over, the Montreal Canadiens advance to the Semifinals

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Skip and Josh are back and start the show by explaining their self imposed ban on new episodes for the past two weeks. They discuss the Montreal Canadiens series wins over Toronto and Winnipeg and the upcoming series vs. the Vegas Golden Knights.

Theme music in this episode: “Rumble” from Bensound and “Brit Pop” from Scott Holmes Music.

Episode 95 – Who Do You Root for When Your Team Has Been Eliminated?

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Eliminated red square grungy stamp isolated on white backgroundRecorded May 14, 2018. Josh starts the show by sharing a couple of interesting stories (3:56) from the start of the MLB season (note: one of them involves urine). The NHL Playoffs are down to the final four. Is Pekka Rinne taking too much blame for Nashville’s loss to Winnipeg? Can the Caps continue to prove everyone wrong and finally get Ovechkin to the Stanley Cup Final? Josh admits the real reason he is rooting for the Vegas Golden Knights to go all the way. The NBA Playoffs are also heating up (19:19) and the conference finals look like they will be full of drama. How can the Celtics topple Lebron and can anyone beat Golden State? Josh is watching The Goldberg’s (27:59), Skip has a hockey related What Bugs Me (29:05) and we’re only a few episodes away from number 100!

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