Episode 202 – Top Seven Hypothetical Championship Games

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This one is a little hard to explain. The guys put their fandom of their favorite teams to the test with this question- What if all of your favorite teams were playing in their championship game on the same day at the same time, which one would you watch?  Also in this episode: Bagels, Listener mail plus some Netflix and podcast recommendations.

Additional links that were discussed in this episode:
The Edge Houston Astros Podcast

Music in this episode: “Rumble” from Bensound and “Brit Pop” from Scott Holmes Music.

Episode 179 –Here’s What I Can Do For You

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used-car-sales-maignIn this episode: Three good suggestions, Josh takes on the cable companies,  thoughts on saving the NHL season and more classic Expos games. Also some Duke notes and a discussion on best on best tournaments. Recorded April 18, 2020.





Music in this episode: “Rumble” by www.bensound.com , “Brit Pop” by scottholmesmusic.com, “Gonzo” by Jahzzar