Episode 60 – MLB Postseason Preview: A Baseball Wish List

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mlb-2017-620x350.jpgRecorded Oct 1, 2017. This was supposed to be a baseball playoff preview but what it became was actually a kind of look into the minds of two huge fans and what strange and often random factors make them root for one team over another. The grammar police are back and MLB has decreed that the playoffs be called POSTSEASON 2017. Skip declares his love for playoff baseball while Josh makes a pretty good case in favor of the wildcard format. The guys figured out that there are a few good reasons to cheer for a team: nice uniforms, if you like the fiancé of one of the players and usually if the team is an underdog. There are also reasons not to cheer for a team like ugly uniforms, bad time zones, if a players is a jerk or if you dislike a manager for something he might have done thirty five years ago. They guys ask some big questions: Can a wildcard team go all the way? Will the Nationals bullpen hold up? Are the Red Sox for real? Can the Cubs repeat? Can the Dodgers finally make some noise in the playoffs and can anyone stop the Indians? There’s also a cool promo for some indy podcast friends.

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