Episode 63 – Unsent Text Messages: MLB Playoffs, NFL Week 7 and NHL recap

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itunes_july2017Recorded Oct 23, 2017. Skip and Josh are up early to discuss the MLB playoffs, the week in the NFL as well as the Habs and Leafs; two teams going in opposite directions.
In Baseball the Astros and Yankees treated us to a great series. Why was the home field so important? Who will the guys cheer for in the World Series? Josh has some unsent texts that he would like to share. Skip can’t pronounce Keuchel. There is some Astros nostalgia and of course the topic of Kate Upton does come up.
In the NFL, Josh is wondering how there can be three shutouts in one week. Skip is not sure if Cam Newton is any good. The SuperBowl rematch wasn’t really great and Skip tries to get into the minds of Giant and Jets fans.
Meanwhile in Montreal, the guys look at best and worst case scenarios for the Habs, whose fans are in full panic mode. In Toronto the Leafs may have lost to the Senators but their fans are still really positive about the team’s chances this season.

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