Episode 96 – It’s Just a Wedding

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itunes_july2017Recorded May 20, 2018. The Vegas Golden Knights are going to the Stanley Cup Finals (2:34). How have they defied the odds and made it this far? Skip has some theories on some of the factors contributing to their success while Josh makes it clear that he has no respect for the majority of NHL GMs. How will Vegas stack up against the Lighting or Capitals? Why is Tom Wilson running his mouth? In the NBA (19:30) Josh has a What Bugs Me, of course its related to the schedule. Skip doesn’t believe a team coached by Mike D’Antoni can win it all and that the Celtics-Cavs series is destined to go seven games. Josh put some ideas into the NHL trade machine and shares a story about his Fantasy baseball team (28:58).  Did either of the guys watch the Royal Wedding? Plus, listener mail (32:55).

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