Our Top 10 Tragically Hip Songs

In episode 67 following up on our recent crossover with the guys at the Semi Intellectual Musings Podcast we decided to reveal our top 10 Tragically Hip songs.  Josh had a lot of trouble compiling his list and didn’t even put the songs in order.

Josh (in album order)

New Orleans is sinking
Blow at High Dough
38 Years Old
Boots or Hearts
Little Bones
Three Pistols
Locked in the trunk of a car
Wheat Kings
700 foot ceiling

1- Bobcaygeon
2- Highway Girl (LIVE)
3- Three Pistols
4- Blow at High Dough
5- Little Bones
6- Nautical Disaster
7- Ahead by a Century
8- Wheat Kings
9- Gift Shop
10- Grace Too





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