Episode 68 – That’s a Huge Cup of Coffee

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itunes_july2017Recorded Nov 25, 2017. In this episode: How many coffee mugs does one person really need? Is it possible for a person to not have any Apple products? What did Skip get his wife for her birthday? In 2017 what are most people sources for news? How are things shaping up in the NHL after one quarter of the season? Who are the Cup favorites? What teams are the biggest disappointments? Can the Vegas Golden Knights keep winning? Who will make it into the NCAA football playoffs?  Find out how Skip feels about Miami’s turnover chain. Josh has an impressive record in picking NFL games this year, should he start betting some real money?  The guys also discuss the voting in the Baseball and Hockey Halls of Fame and review the MLB post season awards. The show closes with a bit of soccer talk as MLS fever has taken over Toronto.

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Music: http://www.bensound.com

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